I Don't Think New Zealand Needs Any Introduction.  But Perhaps I Do.


who am i?

I was born and grew up in New Zealand. I love it! I love my country - the nature, the lifestyle, the people, the All Blacks.

5 Things I Couldn't Live Without: My passport, my iPhone, my friends, my guitar, my GPS.

My Friends Describe Me As: Easy-going, passionate, creative, self-aware and spontaneous.

The Three Things I'm Most Grateful For: 

1) Having seen so much of the world and it's different cultures

2) Naturally being a very happy and positive person

3) A great job that allows me to live the life that I want and have fun!

More about me: 

I'm really grateful you're here, taking a chance that by reading this you might feel compelled to write to me. I'm a highly creative, totally adventurous, very spontaneous and curious person. I like to see what lies underneath, rather than what appears on the surface. I love nature and being in fresh air and beautiful natural sceneries. I also love trying new things, places, restaurants and meeting new people. I absolutely love getting the most out of life. 

I am a woman who likes to breathe slowly, forgive quickly, laugh easily and embrace all that life has to offer.

 I have an inner peace and relish life.


When she walks into a room everyone notices - she’s magnetic and charming and funny. She’s grounded, loyal and a very genuine person - what you see is what you get. She’s the sort of person everyone wants to know.
— Eva, one of my friends when she was asked how she would describe me.